The Egadi Archipelago facing the western coast of Sicily near the cities of Trapani and Marsala, with a total area of 37.45 square km. The Islands are Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo, Formica island of and the Maraone rock. Egadian Islands are set in beautiful crystal clear waters, and they have a rich and varied flora and fauna. These features make these Islands a popular purpose for snorkelling lovers and sailors. The natural beauty that characterize the sea of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo is also inshore. In fact, for those who enjoy nature walking, the Aegadian Islands show a rich vegetation where there are endemic plants with medicinal property. Birds have great importance. they newly established In order to preserve the natural beauty of the archipelago, Aegadian Marine Protected Area (MPA), the largest marine reserve in Europe. For administrative purposes the archipelago constitutes the Municipality of Favignana and the overall population in 2011 was estimated at about 4300 inhabitants. The origin names legend of the three islands. According to legend, the Helios god sent his flock to the fertile pastures of the Trinacria Island, entrusting it to two lovely daughters, the young shepherdesses Fauetusa and Lampatia, born of his pairing with Neerea. So the names of the Aegadian Islands perhaps take origin from the two shepherdess names and their mother: Auegusa - Favignana (Foetusa), Pharbantia - Levanzo (Lampatia) and Hiera - Marettimo (Neerea).
The Formica islet. The Formica islet is a small land strip, almost a big rock that takes its name from the striking ants “invasion” on its cliffs covered by a viscous plant. Formica is located between the Levanzo Island and Trapani coast at 7.4 km from that. It has 680 meters, perimeter about 3 km and 30 thousand s.m. area. On the island there is still an old tuna fishery, meaning there was second tuna fishery of Aegadian Islands. There is a museum with amphoras and an ancient boat. There is also an old church where fishermen and residents went to pray. Today there is a therapeutic community for drug addicts, called “Mondo X”, founded by Father Eligio. It is part of Favignana municipality and officially it has only one resident. The Maraone rock. It is a flat rock, utterly uninhabited, it is placed on the west of the Formica islet. It is about 600 meters long. (egadivacanze)