Calatafimi Segesta

Between myth and history

After his labors, Heracles rests on the bank of the Caldo River (today's Terme Segestane), while Aeneas, fleeing from Troy, chooses this site to found the city of Acesta.


Eufemio Castle was built by the Normans on the remains of an ancient castle whose roots lie in the myth of Aeneas.

Probably the best preserved Greek Temple in the Mediterranean

The Greek theater is considered one of the most beautiful theaters of the classical period, both for its excellent state of conservation and for the panorama it offers.

The warm river, the Segesta natural spa.

The Dionysians are famous and of great cultural elevation. Outdoor theatrical performances in a unique setting.

Designed by Ernesto Basile, it stands on the Pianto Romano hill, a few minutes from Calatafimi-Segesta, in the place where Garibaldi and the Bourbon army clashed on 15 May 1860.

Also worth visiting are the Garibaldi House Museum and the former convent of San Francesco D'Assisi, now an Ethno-Anthropological Museum.

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