Marettimo - The pearl of the Egadi Islands

We are on the wildest, most uncontaminated and rocky island of the Egadi Islands... The Island of the Caves on the Sea!

Traveling along its circumnavigation there are more than 400 caves and inlets, many of which can only be reached by sea, on board a dinghy or the boat of some skilled fisherman!

It is said that Marettimo is Ithaca, perhaps for this reason that getting lost among its coves and most hidden corners gives you the sensation of finding yourself again!

In the waters of Marettimo, fishermen spotted some specimens of monk seals which now seemed to have disappeared from these waters.

Here you will not find beaches equipped with beaches, umbrellas and bars... rather small coves surrounded by nature, silent, bathed by crystal clear waters and full of fish!

Cala Bianca - This cove leaves you speechless from the first glance. She appears almost suspended in the air, a cone of turquoise water, which will dazzle you with her beauty.

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Marettimo, the westernmost of the Egadi islands, is about 20 miles from Trapani. It has a surface area of 12.3 km2 and reaches its highest peak with Monte Falcone at 686 m above sea level. As well as being the furthest from Sicily, it is also the wildest and most uncontaminated. It has just 680 inhabitants.

Its name of Greek origin Hierà Nésos means “sacred island”. What we know it by today, however, derives from the Latin Maritima, probably due to the abundant presence of wild thyme on the island.

Sea, beaches, uncontaminated nature and… much more! Discover with us the wonders of this island in the Egadi archipelago.

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The Sea Museum of maritime activities and traditions and emigration, a precious museum managed by the CSRT “Marettimo” Association, is located in the center of the town near the old port in via Campi 6. It was created by the will of the islanders with the aim of protecting the identity of the island. The historical and cultural memory of Marettimo is kept inside.

The site of the Roman Houses. It is a monumental complex from the Roman era, as the name itself announces, located in the upper part of the island. Here, in addition to savoring the very ancient past of this island, you can enjoy a breathtaking view!

The castle of Punta Troia stands perched on a promontory that stands 116 meters high above the sea.

It is about 3.5 km from the town and can be reached along a dirt path. An ideal walk for those who love the mountains, easily reachable by boat for those who don’t want to struggle on holiday.

The Punta Troia castle, perfectly renovated and can also be visited inside, retains the same structure as when it was conceived and houses in its rooms the Punta Troia Prison Museum and the Monk Seal Observatory of the Marine Protected Area of the Islands Egadi.

Marettimo is the ideal island for trekking. There are several more or less demanding paths.



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