Custonaci the city of marble and beyond

Custonaci, precisely in Cornino there is a bay, at the foot of Mount Cofano. Visitors talk about an uncrowded beach, with shallow sea and rocky shoreline which also lends itself to snorkeling activities. Cala Buguto

The Monte Cofano Reserve is probably one of those most fascinating places in the entire Trapani area.

Immersed in nature among paths, Mediterranean scrub and dream coves.

The sanctuary of Maria Santissima di Custonaci, which houses a painting of the Madonna breastfeeding Baby Jesus dating back to the school of Antonello da Messina.

Foto di Sandro Guastavino

Grotta Mangiapane: this cave is a real blast from the past in the life of Custonaci. Just over 60 years ago it constituted the heart of an inhabited house with separate spaces for each activity in the house, and it is still possible to understand the intended use of each room and how it was used for different professions.

A real "Skansen" where a living nativity scene is set up during the Christmas period.

In Custonaci there is the second largest marble basin in Europe, with around 100 extractive quarries currently in operation that line the entire landscape.

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