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“A journey does not begin when we leave, nor does it end when we reach our destination. In real begins much earlier and never ends, as the tape of memories continues to run through it even after we stop. It's the travel virus, a substantially incurable disease. "

Ryszard Kapuscinski


Frequent questions

I will try to include in this space the questions that are usually asked to me

Obviously, your safety comes first and specifically the boat tours will be carried out only if there are safety conditions. This does not mean that if the sky is overcast you cannot go out on the boat, it means that if the sea conditions are not good you cannot go out on the boat. In this case, according to availability, a new exit will be scheduled or the money paid will be returned

The Egadi Islands have an entrance fee. You will also find it in the maritime transport ticket for the Islands.

No it is impossible for two main reasons. Most of the time we will be in Nature Reserves and mainly because the law requires us to stay away from the coast for the protection of bathers.

In our case the photos will be useful in case you would like to buy the car. For the purposes of the rental they do not need because you will sign a contract that excludes you from any risk. The deductibles will be brought to zero. This is why you are not asked for any deposit and no credit card as a guarantee. The fines taken during the rental remain at your expense.

Simply the driving license B.

You of age surely. For the minor, however, you will need the written authorization of the parents or guardian. Authorization followed by an identification document from one of the parents.

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