Favignana - The butterfly-shaped island

Between Trapani and Marsala, 7 km from the coast of Western Sicily we find the largest of the Egadi islands.

In the 70s the painter Salvatore Fiume defined it as "the great butterfly on the sea" due to its shape.

Favignana is the perfect destination for those who love seaside destinations, characterized by clear and transparent waters.

Naturally, what Favignana excels in is undoubtedly the sea, still uncontaminated and with splendid shades, with paradisiacal corners of golden and very fine beaches that are often tinged with pink thanks to the coral carried by the currents.

It will certainly be an experience to talk to the tuna fishermen and have them tell you anecdotes about the trap and about the massacre in Favignana.

Early in the morning in the marina you will have the opportunity to find freshly caught fish.

There is no shortage of cultural attractions on the island of Favignana. The island that was the queen of tuna fishing traps has a museum where inside there are finds from various eras. The Palazzo Florio and the Hypogean Gardens will make your stay on the island interesting.

Information found on EgadiVacanze.it

Favignana is among the few islands in the Mediterranean where it is possible to access most of its coasts from land, which develop around 33 linear km of bays, coves and sandy or pebbly beaches, as well as sometimes comfortable and flat rocks. This is a characteristic that leaves the visitor with the possibility of finding marine tranquility that is unimaginable elsewhere.

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” ..the sandy beaches, the largest are certainly Cala Azzurra, very famous for its splendid crystal clear waters and Lido Burrone, one of the few equipped beaches. Just a stone’s throw from the town centre, in front of the port is the Praia, a beach sandy beach in whose immediate vicinity is the Florio establishment, dominated by the imposing hill of Santa Caterina with its castle.The sandy beach of Marasolo is also suggestive.
Cala Rossa is instead one of the best known destinations for the extraordinary colors of the water and for the particularity of being in an area of tuff quarries: a swim in this cove, capable of immersing the visitor in a unique natural setting, is absolutely not to be missed. Not far away we find the small port of Punta Lunga, where a series of rocky coves follow one another. The “Calamoni” also represents a perfect combination for those who love sandy coves and flat rocks. Cala Graziosa is instead a small secluded cove made of rocks and sand. The Preveto-Pirreca pebble beach is also wonderful; Finally, we mention Cala Rotonda, another characteristic destination with its outcropping rocks and pebble beach.” EgadiVacanze.it

“The Bue Marino area is characterized by the suggestive architecture of the tuff quarries, which gives this cliff a very particular appearance. It is one of the most evocative descents to the sea of Favignana, with splendid and deep seabeds. It is ideal for those who love diving, diving and snorkeling but above all for expert swimmers, as it is an area characterized by strong currents. It is not recommended for families with small children and those with mobility problems”. EgadiVacanze.it

In 2015, for the third consecutive year, Favignana is the third most beautiful island in Italy according to TripAdvisor travellers. Cala Rossa still firmly holds second place among the most beautiful beaches on the peninsula and is even in the top ten, in seventh place, among the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Cala Rossa in photo in this shot by Vito Lombardo, one of the best landscape photographers on the island.

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Favignana can also be visited in a day and to do so you will need:

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