Erice con Costa Nord - Grotte Mangiapane

Erice is a place which you have to visit, walking through the narrow streets of the medieval city, amazing art, architecture and history of the town made it one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Italy. But no less interesting is the northern coast of Erice: from Bonagia to Cornino. During the trip various steps will make you admire one of the best beautiful places on the coast of Trapani, including history (the Tonnara of Bonagia, one of the most important of Sicily, now a luxury resort), nature (a nice park extends from Cornino, that of Monte Cofano) and sea. Not forgetting the special charm of the Mangiapane caves, which can be visited, where in winter (but not only) it be staged one of the most famous living nativity scenes in Italy.

Durata: 3 ore ca.

Price with courier : € 45,00 per person. MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE.
Price only Transfer: € 100,00 - Da 1 a 4 persone (prezzo da concordare per gruppi superiori a 4 unità)

Touristic Guide : € 150,00

Hours and Conditions

  • Excursion: 4-5 ORE
  • Cost: 40 euro
  • Person: da 1 a 4 Persone