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Depending on our personality and budget, we have our own criteria when choosing a watch. While some of us are looking for the perfect watch that reflects social status, for others its usefulness prevails. Whether we remain loyal to a certain brand because we appreciate its history or we are immediately convinced of the special design, when it comes to mechanism, replica watches wearers are divided into two camps: pro automatic mechanism and pro quartz mechanism.

The automatic clock With a long history, the automatic watch is a symbol of refinement. You recognize him by looking at the secondary. If the movement of the pointer is fluid and advances smoothly, it is definitely a clock powered by an automatic mechanism.


An automatic replica watch is distinguished by its unique appearance. Typically, these models allow the mechanism to be viewed through the Open - Heart dial or through the transparent case cover. Recharging with energy is done by simply moving the hand. It is reliable. Properly maintained, an automatic fake watch can operate for more than ten years. The finishes are excellent, often superior to a quartz watch, usually mass-produced. minuses:

If the watch is not worn, it stops when the energy reserve is depleted (to avoid this, you need a return device: http://dev.horologivm.ro/watch-winders/c/443 They are less accurate than quartz watches (± 15 seconds a day). They have a higher price. They need an overhaul every few years. If you appreciate the classic - elegant style, you can view here the men's automatic watches from our offer:

You can view the women's automatic watches from our offer here:

Quartz replica watches Introduced to the market in the 1970s, the quartz watch quickly surpassed the automatic watch, offering precision at a low price. You recognize him by the jerky movement of the secondary. If it advances in steps of one second, it is a clock based on a quartz mechanism.


They are more accurate (± 15/20 seconds per month), the battery costs less. They are lighter. The price is more affordable. They have several functions. minuses:

The battery must be replaced every two years. There is a risk that the battery will leak and the mechanism may be damaged. It wears out faster, the lifespan is shorter.

Although automatic replica watches initially lost popularity in the 1970s, when quartz replica watches appeared, they are back in trend today. Collectors appreciate above all the art behind the mechanism, hundreds of years old. In addition, they work on the basis of pure energy, without battery, only by the natural movement of the hand.

The quartz watch is a good choice for those who want precision. On the other hand, if quality and prestige prevail for you, the ideal option is an automatic watch.