La via del Sale - Saline di Trapani e Marsala

The exploitation of the coastal area between Trapani and Marsala goes back to the Phoenicians whom after using the very favorable conditions, created salt reservoirs and then exported them to the Mediterranean basin. This is where the systematic exploitation of this part of the area starts, bathed in shallow water and often characterized by high temperatures and climatic conditions (above all the wind, which is conducive to evaporation), which is particularly useful for extracting this valuable element necessary for human life.
One of the basic properties of salt is its ability to preserve food, a feature also known to the ancients who used it to preserve and process perishable products. However, from the Phoenicians you have to reach the Normans to have some information about some salt works in Trapani. And it is Fryderyk II himself who quotes them in the Menfi Constitutions, making them a monopoly for the crown. The port of Trapani thus increases its importance. The ups and downs appear alternately in the history of salt factories, which increase or decrease depending on events affecting the territory: wars, epidemics, the transition from one domain to another affects the production and trading of salt, as in any other field, The salt is extracted, even if the modalities (and above all the fatigue) have changed and the process has been mechanized.
You will have the opportunity to follow the salt road that leads from the salt bowl of Trapani.

Duration: about 4 hours.
Price from Accompagnatore: 35.00 € per person. MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE.
Only transfer price: 90.00 € - from 1 to 4 people (price to be agreed for groups of more than 4 units)

Tourist guide: 150,00

Hours and Conditions

  • Excursion: 4 ORE
  • Cost: 35 euro
  • Person: 1