Parco Avventura Erice

Erice Adventure Park was born from the commitment of a group of biologists who love nature and with a passion for trekking, scuba diving and moutain biking. After having gained a decade of experience in the promotion of the territory in tourist offices, participated in several research projects at the University of Palermo, carried out teaching and environmental consulting at schools and institutions for professional training and guidance activities Environmental Hiking with groups of visitors from all over the world have decided to invest in the creation of a park in which to experience the adventure and try to overcome their limits in total safety.

- 5 acrobatic courses (mini junior, green 1, green 2, blue and red) for a total of 46 furnishings
- Picnic area
- Nature trails
- Area reserved for animals
- Area of ​​about 50 square meters for parties and events
- Catering service
- Archery
- Moutain bike courses
- Center for Environmental Education
- Team buiding

The Erice Adventure Park is the ideal place for families, school groups but also for tourists who come to know Trapani. You can try pleasant moments of relaxation, far from the city, among the many paths immersed in nature, having lunch at the picnic area and visiting the area reserved for farm animals and Pantelleria donkeys.
Built within the pine grove of Parco di Martogna, just a few minutes from Trapani, the Erice Adventure Park consists of a series of acrobatic routes in height made by suspended passages between the trees, which differ in height, difficulty and effort required. These are sports-recreational routes to be faced in complete autonomy and safety, however under the constant vigilance and indications of the instructors, where to test their balance, speed, the ability to overcome obstacles and the desire for adventure.

On an appropriately equipped area of ​​about 50 square meters, the boys will be able to celebrate their birthday by sharing the excitement of the routes with their friends, or they can challenge them with the archery activity or experience the thrill of the visit of the forest in moutain bike.

The Erice Adventure Park is also home to an Environmental Education Center which gives schools of all levels the opportunity to carry out various educational activities and creative workshops to stimulate the students' manual skills.

The Erice Adventure Park is one of the largest adventure parks in the province of Trapani. In fact, it offers its customers a variety of routes and double furnishings compared to some adventure parks in the province. The 5 routes (mini junior, green 1, green 2, blue and red) and 46 furnishings, without taking anything away from other facilities, give the opportunity to have more fun and experience more intense emotions.

Thanks to innovative patented and approved coupling systems, which unlike the common carabiners normally used in other parks make it impossible to unhook the participants from the lifeline cable, they are 100% canceling any risk of falling.

The CONTINUOUS LIFE system adopted by the Erice Adventure Park is a patented and approved French system through the use of a special "sliding" carabiner, which hooks up at the beginning of the path and which does not go and can no longer be unhooked until the return to the ground, provides more fun and peace of mind for children, parents, groups, grest, schools and scouts.

At Erice Adventure Park ... ..

- The little ones find a playful, playful, psychomotor stimulation, strengthening self-esteem and knowledge of their body and sensory development.

- Children can experience adventure in a game proposal alternative to those that usually leads them to isolate themselves from the group.

- Boys can measure themselves against the risk in a context that stimulates overcoming their limits.

- Adults have the opportunity to relive the forest but also to return children, rediscover the game, measure themselves with their limits, strengthen self-esteem and interact positively with their group.


MINI JUNIOR - path less than 100 cm from the ground, with safety cable, but can also be used without a harness. It is ideal for children or groups of kindergarten and first years of primary school.

JUNIOR ROUTES (minimum height of users 110 cm.)

- GREEN 1 + 2: designed with furniture that is easy to perform, positioned at heights not exceeding 3 m, being the first route that users will face. Ideal for groups of school groups, Grest, Summer camps, Scouts, etc.

- BLU: the commitment for users increases and becomes medium due to the presence of more complex furnishings and a gain of altitude from the ground (about 4 m). The path can still be ideal to accommodate business groups and associations.


- RED: the red route is generally considered "challenging" from the physical point of view as it requires good training skills to the effort and total absence of vertigo for the odds that are reached (even over 8-10 meters from the ground).
(minimum height of users 140 cm)


MINI JUNIOR - Includes only the junior junior course

€ 4.00 (1 hour)

€ 6.00 (2 hours)
* every 15 minutes more € 1.00

MEDIUM - Includes Green 1, Green 2, Blue routes


WHOLE € 12.00 *
REDUCED € 10.00 *

* every 15 minutes extra € 2.50

TOP - Includes Green 1, Green 2, Blue, Red routes

Full € 15.00 *
Reduced € 12.00 *

* every 15 minutes extra € 2.50

Hours and Conditions

  • Excursion: 1 ora
  • Cost: 4 euro
  • Person: 1