Favignana Day - MareAndMore

The traveling starts at the port of Trapani at 9.30am / 2.00pm - 2.30pm / 2.00pm from April 1st to July 30th
The skippers of MareandMore will guide you to discover Favignana. The first goal will be the
wonderful Cala Rossa where, once anchored, you can dive into the clear and
crystal clear waters that make it famous all over the world.
After the stop, the excursion continues en route to the Bue Marino,
famous for its dark blue water that contrasts with beautiful patches
for the fascinating tuff quarries. The blue of the sea will follow us up
at the bay of Cala Azzurra where a new stop will allow
immerse yourself in the pristine waters from which it takes its name.
The tour continues navigating towards the cave
of lovers, certainly one of the most fascinating places that
Favignana guards. Here, guests will be guided to the discovery
of a small beach kept inside it, an experience
unique that only Mare and More offers.
The emotions do not end, reached the port of Favignana ed
docked, you can visit the village and taste a multitude
of typical products.
MareandMore will lead her guests back to Trapani to finish the tour, pleased
to have offered an unforgettable day. Tour for up to 12 passengers.

Booking by SMS or message on WhatsApp +39 3202844684

Hours and Conditions

  • Excursion: 4 ore e mezza
  • Cost: 50 euro
  • Person: 1