Tour Laguna Stagnone in barca

The depth of the sea within the lagoon varies from 50 cm. to a maximum of 3 mt. The depth is limited by formations originating from the accumulation of vegetable and muddy debris, retained by the Poseidonia Oceanica and Cymodacea nodosa and the green alga Caulerpa prolifera. The sea remains rich in fish and shellfish, we find many crabs and cuttlefish, the sea bass. , the sea bream, mullet and many new-born mullets, as well as sole, eel, conger and other less valuable qualities. To sail in the Stagnone lagoon (about 2000 Ha.) Is an intense experience, which will allow you to learn about landscapes of absolute beauty, in which you will learn to listen to the silence and to respect it, in which you can abandon, slowly and in absolute serenity, to natural atmospheres rich in charm and suggestion, to finally find the authentic dimension of nature. The boat is suitable for embarking and disembarking of elderly people with mobility difficulties and disabled people in wheelchairs, suitable for short and frequent trips. The Aquabus boat guarantees a reduced draft; consoles, seats and equipment are produced with the best materials, comfort and functionality are the strengths of our company. boat. Hull length: mt.7,50 and width mt.2,5 pax. 16 max. The tour that we propose, can be of a tour for all the islands of the Stagnone, or of the individual islands: (Isola Grande or Isola Lunga, which is the largest of the stagnone, about 10 km long, has a surface of about 120 ha., there are some salt pans, a pine forest and some fine sand beaches, the island is rich in vegetation and migratory birds in the period of step). (Isola S. Maria, which is located north of the elongated lagoon extended about 16 ha and 3 km long, very rich in Mediterranean maquis); (Mozia is the most important for the archaeological interest with an adjoining museum, extended about 42 ha), (Scola, remains the smallest property of the municipality of Marsala, extended 400 square meters); duration of the complete tour on the boat about two / three hours, with relative stops or excursions on foot. Cost of the service: it varies depending on the number of people transported and the requested tour.

Dpertures: 9:00-18:30
Price: 10 euro 
Transfer from Trapani do Stagnone: 50 euro

Hours and Conditions

  • Excursion: 2 ore
  • Cost: 35 euro
  • Person: 1