Mare And More - Tour and Rent

On board of motor boat, the captain leads his guests on the route of the island of Egadi with daily trips. Mare & More boats adapt to different needs of groups.
Every day we sail towards the Aegadian islands.

The following trips are carried out:

1) Egadi Day - a trip to Favignana and Levanzo. We will provide you with the best day for holidays! Up to 12 people.
2) Favignana day - a trip to Favignana to discover the most beautiful beaches and unspoilt sea. Up to 12 people.
3) Egadi Wind Day - a boat trip on Favignana and Levanzo in Vela, under the banner of sea, wind and relaxation. Up to 10 people.
4) A trip to Yacth - the most fanciful and elegant cruise onboard the yacht to enjoy the Egadi Islands. Up to 12 people.
5) Marettimo Mini Cruise A day on the boat to discover Marettimo and its wonderful caves Up to 30 people.
6) Night and day transfer Favignana Levanzo Marettimo - Taxi Transfer wagon to / from Trapani, Favignana, Levanzo Marettimo, personalized and at any time.

Booking by SMS or message on WhatsApp +39 3202844684

Hours and Conditions

  • Excursion: dalle 4 alle 6 ore
  • Cost: 50 euro
  • Person: 1 PERSONA